Thermal imaging, often referred to as infrared technology, is a valuable tool in performing comprehensive energy audits. Its unique ability to detect tiny temperature differences makes thermal imaging the best way to detect problems not seen by the naked eye. Utilizing thermal imaging often provides the opportunity to make repairs or adjustments to a building envelope before costly failures occur. Thermal imaging can focus on a singe component such as drafty windows, leaky ductwork or insulation concerns and can also provide a whole overview of a house or business to help locate components in need of improvement. The ultimate goal is to improve overall home performance and thereby improve occupant comfort.

Typical services that can be performed with an infrared camera are:
  • exterior building inspection
  • surveying all sides of a house checking windows, doorways and insulation
  • moisture inspections for water damage which could lead to areas of mold growth
  • air infiltration around windows, doors, and pipe and wires penetrating the structure to the outside
  • insulation inspections to search for missing or unevenly applied insulation
  • roof inspections to look for possible damage
thermal imaging, infrared
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