Water Heater Overview 
For Electric & Natural Gas Customers

Heating water accounts for approximately 15% of a home’s energy use. High efficiency water heaters use 10 to 50% less natural gas than standard models, saving homeowners money on their utility bills. Actual energy savings from high efficiency water heaters depend on family size, heater location, and the size and placement of water pipes.

Water is kept hot and ready for use at all times in insulated storage tanks with capacities ranging from 20 to 80 gallons. 

High-efficiency gas storage water heaters employ the same technologies as standard gas storage water heaters: a glass-lined steel tank is heated by a burner located at the bottom of the tank. ENERGY STAR® certified models increase efficiency by incorporating better insulation, heat traps, and more efficient burners.

If you have an electric tank type water heater, you can save electricity by installing a timer that turns it off at night when you don't use hot water and/or during your utility's peak demand times. Another saving tip is lowering the temperature setting to save electricity. Lower the temperature a couple degrees at a time over a 2 week period to see how low you can go before you run out of hot water

For best results, find a water heating system that will not only provide enough hot water for your needs, but also one that will do so efficiently. Prior to making your decision, you should consider all available types of water heaters (both conventional and tankless), your fuel source, the size and amount of water needed to heat the water in your home.

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