Space Cooling Improvement Tips 
No-to-Low Cost Improvements
  • ENERGY STAR® recommends the best settings to save energy from your AC in the summer are 78 degrees during the day and between 78 and 82 degrees while sleeping.
  • The AC unit outside has cooling fins that could become bent or closed off if bumped with a lawn mower or other objects. The fins should be straight to allow outside air to pass through and help gain the maximum efficiency from your AC unit. Fins can be gently straightened with a tool called a fin comb.
  • Fins on the outside unit can also become clogged with dirt, leaves, papers and mower clippings. Keep the unit free from these items to allow the unit to run more efficiently and help you save energy. Outside AC units can often be easily cleaned with a garden hose after you shut the unit off. Some units may require a professional cleaning.
  • Blower filters should be changed every three months at a minimum. Changing the filter helps the blower motor operate more efficiently by allowing air to flow freely through the filter.

Improvements that Require Investments
  • According to ENERGY STAR, replacing an AC unit that is 12 year or older with a new ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioner could save you up to 30% in cooling costs.
  • Purchasing an air conditioner with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating may initially be more costly, but will be more efficient over the long run, saving you energy.
  • Moving air to and from each room throughout your home is an important part of your cooling system. Consider having a professional duct blower test to help the technician find and repair leaks inside non-living spaces such as walls, attics and basements that can result in more energy savings.
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