Types of audits 
Generally there are four types of common audits, although the actual audit performed may vary with the consultant providing the service. One way to ensure the auditor meets your specific need is to do a little research by talking to several auditors and then spell out every detail you want in your audit bid. Hiring a qualified trained auditor with references, will also assist is getting a quality energy audit.

Levels of Analysis

  • Benchmarking Audit
    This audit consists of a preliminary building energy usage analysis based on historic utility use and costs, comparison to the performances of buildings of similar size and use to yours.
  • Walk-through Audit
     A preliminary visual audit to assess building energy efficiency looking at equipment, maintenance, habits, and other visual indicators for potential energy savings. The walk through will potentially identify simple and low-cost improvements and identify other opportunities for a future detailed inspection.
  • Detailed/General Energy Audit
    Based on the results of the pre-audit, this type of audit consists of the energy used in more detail throughout the building or facility. The audit will assist in finding defects or improve an existing installation. This level of audit may involve advanced on-site measurements using sophisticated equipment to evaluate potential energy retrofits.
  • Investment-grade Audit
    A very detailed audit requiring lots of detailed information and an engineering study.
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