Natural Gas Suppliers 
Suppliers to Ameren natural gas customers have access to customer account information through this portal. What reports and data are available?

  • The monthly gas usage report contains:  customer name, account number, service address, regional weather, and up to 24 months of usage data, including for each month: billing period, number of days in billing period and total usage.
  • Monthly and hourly data may also be downloaded when available for the customer.
  • Data is available for a service point (meter associated with the account) and for multiple service points, including:  service point number, meter number, MAOP, MDCQ, and up to 24 months usage, number of days in billing period, and MDQ. 
  • Weather forecasts for regional locations. 

Wondering what the portal can do? These FAQs may be helpful.

View Monthly Consumption
Log in to your account to <a href="" target="blank">view</a> monthly report.
Download Data
Log in and download <a href="">hourly</a> or <a href="">monthly</a> reports. Data is available for multiple service points.
View Data Download Status
Check on the status of your <a href=""> request</a>.
Standard Forms
List of <a href="/sites/aiu/MyBusiness/GasTransport/Pages/USMSForms.aspx">forms</a>. Description of use for each.
Weather Forecast
Log in and access <a href=""target="_blank"> weather forecast</a> data.
Learn more about <a href="/sites/aiu/MyBusiness/Rates/Pages/default.aspx">natural gas supply rates</a>.
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