Ameren Illinois Sample Bill - Page 1 
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Amount to be paid, on or before the due date. The date your payment for this billing period is due. Amount to be paid, if paying after the due date. Your account number is used to identify your account in our records. Please use this number when you wish to discuss your account. Area to write the amount of your payment. Billing address. Mail payment to this address. Numbers used for processing your payment. Address where service is received. Date bill was prepared. Date payment is due. Amount due if payment is made after the due date. Defines the type of usage being metered and units used. Messages include information specific to your account, payment options, safety and energy efficiency tips. Amount to be paid, on or before the due date. Amount of all energy and non-energy unpaid charges from previous billing periods. Amount of all energy and non-energy charges for the current billing period. Total usage charges Amount of usage per day.
Ameren Illinois Bill Sample - Page 1, bill description, bill explanation, understand my bill
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