Struggling with High Bills? 
There are steps you can take to help manage your energy usage and spread the costs:

Enroll in Budget Billing
It's a free service to help you manage monthly payments. You'll pay about the same amount every month. More about Budget Billing.

Repayment Plan
Take advantage of a limited-time opportunity to establish a repayment plan by calling 800.755.5000 and making a 10% down payment by the end of March. Beginning in April, customers with outstanding balances will be required to pay 25% of the total owed.

Reduce your energy use - consider a home energy audit
Visit ActOnEnergy for more details about the programs we offer and learn more about an energy audit.

Payment assistance for low and moderate income customers
Low and moderate income customers, active members of the military and disabled veterans may be able to get bill payment assistance through programs such as LIHEAP, Warm Neighbors Cool Friends and the Ameren Illinois Military Support Program. Learn more.

We care about you, our customer, and we're commited to doing what we can to help you. If you're struggling with your winter bills, contact us as soon as you can so we can work together to find solutions.
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