Customer Handbook 
The Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law became effective in late 1997. This law allows customers the option to choose who supplies their electricity. The combined services traditionally provided by the local electric utility have been divided into parts - the regulated electric utility continues to deliver electric power over the wires using their transmission and distribution facilities. However, the power running through those wires is sold to a customer by the company of that customer’s choice: the customer’s utility or an alternative Retail Electric Supplier (RES, a.k.a. “Supplier”). A customer can choose to continue to purchase power from Ameren Illinois, or can buy power from a Supplier.

Regardless of whether a customer chooses a Supplier, Ameren Illinois will continue to deliver the electricity and to offer quality service. A customer should always call Ameren Illinois to report power quality problems, power outages, or downed power lines. Ameren Illinois customer service representatives can also answer questions concerning electric choice issues.

Contact Ameren Illinois at 800.755.5000.
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