Generating Your Own Energy 
More and more people are searching for ways to use renewable resources to generate their own electricity and save on energy costs. Learn more about how to produce your own energy and how it affects your service.

Net Metering
The electricity you <a href="/sites/aiu/ElectricChoice/Pages/NetMetering.aspx">generate</a> can be used to offset your usage.
Distributed Generation
<a href="/sites/aiu/ElectricChoice/Pages/DistributedGeneration.aspx">Sell</a> the energy you generate on your own.
Qualifying Facilities
The power you generate may <a href="/sites/aiu/ElectricChoice/Pages/QualifyingFacilities.aspx">qualify</a> to sell in the Midwest wholesale market.
Back-up Generation
If you plan to install back-up generation to your service, view our <a href="/sites/aiu/ElectricChoice/Documents/BackUpGenerationApp.pdf"target="link"> non-parallel generation application</a>.
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