Energy Supply Options (Residential) 
Customers of Ameren Illinois have three options for their energy supply. The Retail Electric Supplier (RES) option is described below.

Retail Electric Supplier (RES)
An alternative Retail Electric Supplier (RES) supplies electricity to customers in Ameren Illinois' service territory. The electricity from the supplier is delivered to the customer via Ameren Illinois' distribution lines.

Although you may choose another company to supply energy service, your bill will include Ameren Illinois’ delivery service charges (e.g. charges for maintaining the distribution lines that deliver the electricity). However, since the RES is selling the electricity flowing through Ameren Illinois’ distribution lines to the customer’s home, the RES determines the rate (i.e. price per kilowatthour) for the electricity supply charges.

There are several suppliers from which to choose. A current listing of suppliers registered with Ameren Illinois can be found on the Suppliers Registered with Ameren page.

Different suppliers offer different billing options. Some directly bill their customers for electric supply charges, leaving Ameren Illinois to separately bill the same customer for Ameren Illinois’ delivery services charges. Other suppliers package both their own electric supply charges with Ameren Illinois' delivery services charges into one single bill. Still other suppliers send their electric supply charges to Ameren Illinois so that Ameren Illinois can bill both electric supply charges and Ameren’s delivery services charges in a single bill.
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