Energy Supply Options (Residential) 
Customers of Ameren Illinois have several options for their energy supply.

Real Time Pricing (RTP)
Real Time Pricing is an option that allows customers (except DS-5 optional outdoor protective lighting customers) to pay fluctuating hourly market price for electricity.

More about the RTP energy supply option:
  • Energy priced at actual hourly MISO Day-Ahead Locational Marginal Prices (LMP) and provided by Ameren Illinois.
  • Customers are required to have Interval Metering before this option can be selected.
  • Option allows unlimited switching to and from Retail Electric Suppliers (RES) within Direct Access Service Request (DASR) rules; however, customers terminating service under RTP within the first 12 months of electing this service are subject to an exit fee.

Power Smart Pricing (PSP)
Power Smart Pricing is an experimental program that provides enhanced customer service and energy cost comparison tools for residential hourly pricing customers.

More about the PSP program:
  • Administered by¬†Elevate Energy, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people and communities manage their energy costs.
  • Uses the same day-ahead hourly pricing as Real Time Pricing.
  • PSP offers enhanced energy management tools such as High Price Alerts and the Bill Comparison tool.

Learn more about Power and Energy Supply Riders for RTP and PSP.
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