Be Safe Around Natural Gas Equipment 

Keep gas meters clear

Snow makes for a lovely landscape, but it can lead to problems for your natural gas service. To operate properly, air needs to circulate freely around the equipment that brings natural gas into your home. If snow has accumulated on the meter, use a broom to gently sweep it off. Remove any icicles hanging above your meter, too. Never hit or shake natural gas equipment and don’t use tools with sharp edges to remove snow or ice. Be sure to keep furnace and water heater vents clear of snow and ice, too.

Flared fittings can lead to danger
Copper tubing has been used for natural gas service in homes for years, but it can weaken over time due to corrosion. Breaks usually occur at “flared” connections between house piping and natural gas appliances - and when they do, a gas leak, fire or explosion can result.

Keep your home safe by having a professional plumber or heating contractor inspect and replace copper tubing and flared connections affected by corrosion. Learn more about natural gas safety.














To clear snow and ice, use a broom. Don’t use tools with sharp edges to remove snow or ice.


Over time, corrosion can weaken the flared fittings used to connect copper tubing to house piping and gas appliances. A break can lead to a gas leak, fire or explosion.

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