Mylar Baloons Raise Reliability Issues 
Mylar balloons can light up any party—but if not handled properly, they can leave entire communities in the dark.

Mylar balloons have metallic properties that make them a good conductor of electricity. If these balloons touch a power line or float into substation equipment, they can cause a surge of electricity that can lead to power outages, explosions, fires, and possible injuries.

Follow these tips to make sure Mylar balloons are handled properly:

  • Make sure Mylar balloons are weighted and tied down so they do not fly away.


  • Do not tie a Mylar balloon to a child’s wrist. If the balloon comes in contact with electricity, the child could receive a fatal shock.


  • When the party’s over, puncture the balloons before disposing of them. Never purposely release Mylar balloons.


  • If a balloon does get in a power line, do not attempt to retrieve it yourself. Contact your local utility for assistance.
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