Pet Safety 

Pet-proof your home

Playful pets have been known to chew on or play with electrical equipment—putting them in serious danger of injury or death and creating a shock or fire hazard in the home. Safe Electricity offers these tips to pet-proof your home:

  • If your pet shows an interest in electrical cords, check the cords frequently for signs of fraying and replace any damaged cords immediately. If you must leave your pet unsupervised, make sure any loose electrical cords are unplugged or tucked out of sight. If your pet continues to seek them out, coat the cords with bitter-tasting pet deterrent or look for pet-proof cords at your local pet store.


  • Make sure all plugs are inserted completely into their wall sockets. Small paws, noses and tongues can easily find their way into the partially exposed prongs.


  • Do not allow pets to curl up for a nap behind warm computer equipment. They need to learn to stay away from all electrical connections.

With a bit more awareness, you can keep your playful pet and your home safe!
70 million nice dogs . . . but any dog can bite
An estimated 70 million dogs live in U.S. homes, and even a friendly dog can become frightened or aggressive around strangers. You can help us keep our workers safe. If a utility employee comes to your home, please keep your dog inside or confined outside at a safe distance from electrical or natural gas equipment.

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