May is National Electrical Safety Month 
National Safe Boating Week is May 17-23, so there's no better time to prepare for a safe season on the water.  Learn about electric shock drowning and more in the link below.

Lucas' Story
What is <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/May2014/Pages/Article1.aspx">electric shock drowing</a>?
Electric Safety
Watch for <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/May2014/Pages/Article2.aspx">electric hazards</a>.
Outage Alerts
Keep up to date with these <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/May2014/Pages/Article3.aspx">digital tools</a>.
Mylar Balloons
These fun party favors can lead to <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/May2014/Pages/Article4.aspx">big outages</a>.
Pet Safety
Keeping your furry best friends <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/May2014/Pages/Article5.aspx">safe and secure</a>.
In Your Community
Komen gets a leg up <a href="/sites/aiu/FOE/May2014/Pages/Article6.aspx">racing for the cure</a>.
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