Municipal Utility Tax 
Note, to implement a municipal utility tax, all premises within the municipality's jurisdiction must be authenticated to ensure accuracy of the tax.

Start the process, <a href = "" target="blank">register</a> your government entity.
Access Data
<a href="">Log in</a> for municipality or county address data.
List of Municipalities
View list of active municipalities billing a utility tax. (<a href="/sites/aiu/GovtSupport/Pages/mut-municipalities-list.aspx">more</a>)
More Resources
<a href="/sites/aiu/GovtSupport/Pages/mut-resources.aspx">Review</a> information on aggregation.
<a href="/sites/aiu/GovtSupport/Pages/faqs-municipal-utility-tax.aspx">Answers</a> to your questions on aggregation.
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