FAQs: Privacy & Security with Advanced Meters 

    Just like older meters, advanced meters (also known as smart meter) collect energy usage data. Advanced meters also collect additional operational data such as hourly usage data, voltage data, outage data and diagnostic flags to help us provide more reliable service to you. Advanced meters do not collect, store or transmit customer identifying information such as names and addresses or usage data on individual appliances or any equipment.
    We use our customer’s energy usage and operational data for billing purposes and troubleshooting and resolving problems with equipment or services. In addition, we will eventually provide this data for our residential customers to view online and will be able to offer new pricing programs to them.
    No. We treat personal information and data about our customers as confidential. You retain ownership of your own privacy data (including energy usage), and Ameren Illinois will not disclose that information to external parties without your permission, except for official Ameren Illinois business or as required by law.
    We have extensive cybersecurity measures in place throughout the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network to secure and protect customer data. First, access to meters and usage data is controlled with authorization requirements. Second, information is secured at the meter and all the way back to our systems with advanced encryption. Third, we placed all pole-top network devices in locked and alarmed boxes to prevent unauthorized access. Fourth, data from the network must pass through firewalls and security components before reaching Ameren. Finally, all access to the AMI system is logged and recorded to alert us of unusual activity.
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