More about the Modernization Action Plan (MAP) 
MAP is an estimated 10-year, $643 million plan to transform our electric delivery system to better meet the evolving needs of our customers. It involves six areas of investment, including infrastructure upgrades, job training and many other important projects throughout Ameren Illinois' 43,700-square-mile service area.

Here's what customers can expect over the next 10 years:
  • Enhanced reliability: Smart sensors and switches will detect and isolate outages, so we can fix them faster. Meanwhile, new software and technology will help us pinpoint problems more precisely to reduce the duration and frequency of outages.
  • Convenience and service: Advanced meters will provide accurate, automatic readings, speed up service requests and alert us if your power's out. More about advanced meters.
  • Efficiency and savings: Regulated voltage will optimize distribution and reduce power lost on the way to your home or business - saving money and minimizing waste. And proactive maintenance on poles and wires will prevent failures. By fixing things now, it saves later.

New Law
MAP is a result of a 2011 state law called the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act. The 10-year plan took a step forward on Mar. 5, 2012, when we submitted an initial blueprint for these electric delivery infrastructure upgrades to the Illinois Commerce Commission. View the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act.

Regulatory Reform
Discover how the law changed the rate-making process in Illinois.

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