FAQs: Installation of an Advanced Meter 

    You will be contacted in advance of the meter upgrade which will be made by Ameren Illinois or Apex, our installation contractor.
    About 60 days prior to the meter upgrade, you'll receive a letter informing you that either Ameren Illinois or Apex, our installation contractor, will be coming to your home or business to exchange the meter. Also, look for a reminder postcard from us about two to three weeks before we start upgrading meters in your neighborhood.
    The meter upgrade will take less than 15 minutes to complete at your premise. Installers from Ameren Illinois or Apex, our installation contractor, will knock on your door to inform you that they are installing the device. Meter installers can be identified as Ameren employees or Ameren contractors by their ID badges and by Ameren or Apex logos on their vehicles. If you are not present during the upgrade, a door hanger will be left behind, notifying you that the upgrade took place and providing you with important information about the new meter.
    Yes, for electric residential customers, brief electrical service interruption will occur during the first 10 to 15 minutes of the meter upgrade. Both residential and smaller commercial customers may need to reset any digital clocks on appliances and electronics. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For larger electric commercial installations, there is typically no service interruption and there is no service interruption when we upgrade the gas meter.
    When the advanced meter (also known as smart meter) is installed, there will be no noticeable changes, and a meter reader will still be sent to your premise to gather monthly energy usage for a period of time after. However, this will change as Ameren continues to improve our network and starts to read energy usage remotely. In addition, we will let you know when new benefits become available following meter installation.
    If we are unable to access the existing meter, we will leave behind a door hanger with information to contact Apex, our installation contractor, at 888.371.0111 to reschedule the meter upgrade appointment.
    Ameren Illinois has a medical equipment registry, and all medical registry accounts are tagged at the meter to alert the installer. Please call our customer service number at 800.755.5000 if you would like an application for this registry or if you want to confirm your account is still registered. Also, if you are already in our medical registry, we will schedule an appointment with you to complete the meter upgrade.
    If you have questions related to scheduling an appointment or meter installation, please call Apex, our installation contractor, at 888.371.0111. You can also call our customer service number at 800.755.5000 for any questions.
    If you decide that you do not want an advanced meter, you have the option to enroll in our Non Standard Metering (NSM) service. Unlike our Standard Metering service, which uses the advanced meter to transmit your energy usage wirelessly to Ameren Illinois, the Non Standard Metering service will require a manual meter read. For the interim period, there are no fees associated with NSM, and we will send you a letter in the mail acknowledging your enrollment in the program. However, in the future, there could be additional fees associated with the NSM service. If you decide NSM is the right choice and want to enroll, please call our Customer Service at 800.755.5000, or send a letter of request to: Ameren Illinois, 300 Liberty Street Peoria, Illinois 61602
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