FAQs: Advanced Meter 

    Our next generation of advanced meters (also known as "smart meters") work through wireless two-way communication, between the meter and our improved network. The meters can “talk” to us wirelessly - and we can “talk” back to them - giving you improved reliability, outage response and great service convenience.
    Our advanced meter is a digital meter that collects your energy use in hourly increments. In addition, these new meters and the network system work together to allow for two-way communication – the meter sends signals to Ameren Illinois and Ameren Illinois can communicate directly with the meter at your property. The advanced meter and other system upgrades will allow us to detect and isolate outages sooner and restore your service more promptly.
    Over time, customers with an advanced meter will have an improvement in customer service and reliability and will also have access to other benefits, including the ability to view energy usage online and to participate in pricing options and programs to help control energy usage and costs.
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