Metering:  The Next Generation 
We are investing $3.5 billion over a five-year period to strengthen and improve the Ameren Illinois electric and natural gas delivery system. We are fortifying utility poles, installing automated switches and sensors, replacing distribution lines and gas transmission equipment, and installing advanced meters (also known as smart meters) throughout our 43,700-square-mile territory. These upgrades will improve service reliability and give customers information they can use to take control of their energy usage and costs. To see how simple the upgrade process is, view our video.

Advanced Meter
Answers to questions about <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/faqs-advanced-meter.aspx">advanced meters</a>.
<a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/faqs-advanced-meter-installation.aspx">When, where and how</a> will it happen?
Privacy & Security
How we manage <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/FAQs-privacy-advanced-meter.aspx">network communications and data</a>.
Wireless Communication
Radio frequency, your <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/faqs-radio-frequency-advanced-meter.aspx">questions answered</a>.
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