Save energy with basic, daily decisions.
To build the next-generation energy delivery system, Ameren Illinois is investing $3.5 billion over the next five years to strengthen and improve our natural gas and electric delivery system across our service territory. We're implementing advanced technology to improve reliability for our customers, as well as meet their growing needs for electric and natural gas.

While the upgrade is a long-term project, customers are already experiencing results. The upgrades, which started in 2012, have improved reliability 20% and saved our customers an estimated $57 million per year.

The videos below describe projects that ensure the power will be there for our customers when they need it - today and for years to come. To learn more about projects across our service territory, visit the projects page, or find out what we're doing in your community by visiting our map of projects.
Across our service territory, we're installing smart switching technology - it's like a circuit breaker that could quickly switch itself back on if there's a problem.   To help avoid outages and increase capacity, we're installing equipment upgrades at substations. These improvements are like turning a two-lane highway into a four-lane highway.

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