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A growing number of Illinois communities are asking residents to join together for greater buying power in the electric market. Learn why, and what “aggregation” means for you….

    Aggregation is a process in which a municipality (city, village, or incorporated town) or county arranges to purchase electricity supply on behalf of its residents and small businesses. In this option, you are choosing to go with a supplier your municipality selects, rather than picking your own. Suppliers must be certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and registered with Ameren Illinois.
    Through aggregation, municipalities and counties may be able to help residents and small businesses reduce energy supply costs. By purchasing electricity for a large group, county or municipal leaders can leverage this collective buying power and possibly negotiate a lower price than the electric supply price available through Ameren Illinois.
    Yes. A municipality or county government may aggregate in two basic ways:<br/> <ul> <li>With the “opt-in” method, the governing body passes an ordinance and participants must “opt-in” to be part of the aggregation. </li> <br/> <li>The second and more popular “opt-out” program requires that a referendum be passed by the voters. If it passes, residents and small businesses will automatically be included in the aggregation program, unless they choose not to participate, or “opt-out.”</li></ul>
    No. If the municipality or county moves forward with an aggregation program, but a resident does not want to participate, that individual may opt-out of the program. In that case, the customer's account will remain on the current supply choice, whether that is Ameren Illinois Basic Generation Service (BGS), Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing or RES supply.
    No matter who supplies the electricity, you can count on Ameren Illinois to deliver it. As your energy delivery company, we will continue to respond around-the-clock to outages, service calls and emergencies. We are committed to providing the same high-quality service to all customers, regardless of their choice for electric supply.
    We are not involved with the pricing that aggregators or individuals may get from Retail Electric Suppliers, so we encourage customers to learn more from the municipal or county aggregator or RES and <a href="">explore their options</a> at <a href="" target="blank"></a>.
    No problem - you don’t have to shop around for a new supplier or be part of an aggregation program. Ameren Illinois will continue to purchase power for customers who do not choose another provider. Our price for electricity is obtained independently by the Illinois Power Agency.
    Go to <a href="/sites/aiu/ElectricChoice/Pages/Home.aspx">Electric Choice</a> for more Q&A.
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