Learn About Aggregation
<a href="/sites/aiu/MyHome/Pages/ChoiceVideos.aspx">Watch these videos</a> to learn how you can shop for energy.
List of Aggregators
Check here for <a href ="/sites/aiu/BusPartners/GovtAgg/Pages/List.aspx">active and pending</a> government aggregators.
Choose a Supplier
<a href="http://www.ameren.com/sites/aiu/ElectricChoice/Pages/Home.aspx" target="_blank">Find out more</a> about the process.
What's Aggregation?
Review these <a href="/sites/aiu/MyHome/Pages/Mun.aspx"> FAQs</a>.
Government Aggregation
<a href="/sites/aiu/GovtSupport/Pages/Government.aspx">Municipal and county officials</a> review for aggregating.
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