Foam Insulation 
For Electric & Natural Gas Customers
Liquid foam insulation can be applied using store-bought foam or by a professional insulator for a larger homes or businesses. Both types of products expand and harden as the mixture cures. This process conforms to the shape of the space or cavity you a sealing. Sealing thoroughly, reduces drafts from the outside saving electricity and natural gas in both heating or cooling seasons. Sealing these leaks with spray foam, or even caulking or weather stripping will have a great impact on improving your comfort and reducing utility bills.
When applying spray foam products, remember that the product expands. Be careful not to overfill a void if the area is next to a window or door. Spraying too much product could warp the window or door frame causing it to bind and not open or close properly. Talk to your home improvement dealer for more information.
For more information, visit the Department of Energy's website.
The links provided below go to web pages with videos mainly produced by third parties and some produced by Ameren to educate a public audience.

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