A Smart Grid will Outsmart Outages 
More and more, utility customers are becoming familiar with the term "smart grid." So what is a smart grid, and what will it mean for your Ameren Illinois electric delivery service?

Smart grid refers to a suite of technologies - automation, remote control, computer processing and two-way communication - designed to meet your energy needs today and in the future. It's technology that other industries, and even customers, have been using for years. Learn more.

Ameren Illinois Efforts
As an energy delivery public utility, we are responsible for the grid components that carry power to your home or business. We've been incorporating smart grid improvements into the distribution system for years - with a focus on improving reliability and reducing outages.

As part of our infrastructure improvements, we will be implementing even more projects, including:
  • On your property: Advanced meters will give you more information, tools, and programs to help you better control your energy use, and alert us if your power is out sooner to restore power more promptly. By 2019, more than half (62%) of electric customers will receive advanced meters (sometimes called "smart" meters) and about 56% of our natural gas meters will be upgraded.


  • On the grid: High-tech advances, like automated switches and sensors detect and isolate outages faster improving reliability. Meanwhile, voltage optimization equipment makes sure power gets to your home or business as efficiently as possible, reducing energy waste.


  • On our facilities: Our employees must be "smart," too. We're investing $7 million in two smart grid training centers so that our team is better equipped to serve you. Advances in grid and metering technology will help us pinpoint problems more precisely, knowledge that will help us ensure that electric and gas service is there when you need it.


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