ActOnEnergy: ConstructionSavers Program 
Up to $800 in Rebates Plus Years of Savings!  

Our ActOnEnergy ConstructionSavers program encourages homebuilders to construct homes that adhere to strict energy efficiency guidelines - saving you money, improving your comfort, and earning them up to $800 in rebates. Ask your builder about our ActOnEnergy ConstructionSavers program today! 

Two types of homes are constructed through the ActOnEnergy ConstructionSavers program:
  • High-performance homes
  • ENERGY STAR® certified homes
Both types of homes are built to meet high standards for energy efficiency, but ENERGY STAR certified homes meet a more stringent set of requirements to earn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR label.

Learn how to save money while building your dream home or find a homebuilder to work with to build your dream home. Our ActOnEnergy ConstructionSavers homebuilders are dedicated to providing homebuyers with the most efficient home for their money. Find a participating homebuilder today!
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