Budget Billing 
Level out your monthly payments 
Budget Billing is based on your total energy usage during the last 12 months. The amount is divided into 12 equal amounts, which in turn becomes your baseline monthly payment.

Two Options Available with Budget Billing
When you enroll in Budget Billing, you have the option to select how your equalized amount is applied after each 12-month billing period.
  • Settlement: A credit or debit will be added to your next bill based on a comparison of energy costs and amount paid. If you have overpaid, a credit is issued. If you have underpaid, you will be charged for the specific amount.
  • Rollover: A credit or debit will be equally divided and applied to the next 12 months of billing. If you have paid more than the energy costs, a credit amount will "rollover." If you have paid less, a debit amount will "rollover."
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