Ameren Missouri Rates and Regulation 
Electric rates
Ameren Missouri's electric rates are approximately 25% below the national average and the lowest of any invester-owned utility in Missouri.

On July 13, 2011, the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a $173 million increase in Ameren Missouri's base rates. That equates to an increase of approximately 9% for the average residential electric customer or around $8 per month.

Since our last rate case, we had invested in excess of $1 billion in our energy infrastructure to serve our customers. The largest investment recovered in this rate increase is the addition of two clean-air filtration systems, or scrubbers, at our Sioux Energy Center in St. Charles. These air purifiers dramatically reduce certain emissions making a low-cost fuel source a clean resource, improving air quality and the environment for everyone in the Midwest.

Gas rates 
On Jan. 19, 2011, the PSC approved a settlement between Ameren Missouri and other parties in a natural gas delivery rate case filed on June 11, 2010. We filed the case to recover infrastructure investments and higher operation and maintenance costs since our last gas rate case in 2007. Under terms of the settlement, Ameren Missouri's natural gas rates increased by a net $7.1 million per year, or about 4.3% for our 127,000 gas customers. The new rates became effective Feb. 20, 2011. More information about gas rates is available on these replicated tariff sheet, which are also on file with the Missouri Public Service Commission
This is Ameren Missouri’s service area map. 
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