Energy savings tips 
Throughout your home, everyday, there are ways you can reduce the amount of energy you use. It may be a simple action, like unplugging the electric toothbrush, or it may be making the decision to purchase a new, high efficiency refrigerator.

Review these tips for your bathroom, kitchen, living and utility rooms, and think about ways you can save energy and reduce your costs.

Bathroom energy savings tips
It's the everyday, little things you can do that can <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/BathroomEnergySavingsTips.aspx">help save energy</a>.
Kitchen energy savings tips
What's the ideal temperature for your refrigerator? <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/KitchenEnergySavingsTips.aspx">Check out our tips</a>.
Living room energy savings tips
It's probably the room where everyone gathers in your home. Are there ways to save energy in the living room? <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/LivingRoomEnergySavingsTips.aspx">Check the tips</a>!
Utility room energy savings tips
Save energy with your larger appliances. <a href="/sites/aue/MyHome/ResEfficiency/Pages/UtilityRoomEnergySavingsTips.aspx">Check out our tips</a> to learn how.
Energy savings tips, Ameren Missouri
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