Callaway Security 
The Gold Standard
Security at nuclear power plants is the gold standard across all industries. Nuclear plants are among the most secure facilities in the world, meeting stringent security requirements set forth by the NRC.

Callaway Energy Center's security features include:
  • Well-trained and well-armed security officers on site 24/7.
  • Physical barriers and illuminated detection zones.
  • Surveillance and patrols of the perimeter.
  • Intrusion-detection aids, including detection fields and closed-circuit television systems.
  • Robust buildings protect the reactor and related facilities, as well as protect the facility against potential terrorist penetration.
  • Security is routinely tested in drills and exercises. In addition, the NRC requires “force-on-force” exercises at each plant, using highly-trained paramilitary personnel, at least once every three years.
  • The U.S. military also is on call to respond to a threat, if necessary.
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