Service Requests Applications 

    A Service Request Application is a series of forms to be completed by the customer or contractor prior to requesting any new service, upgrades, removals, or relocation to your existing service. Completion and submission to Ameren Missouri initiates the process to have a representative contact you. <br/><br/> If you have any questions concerning your application, you can always contact the Construction Hotline at 866.992.6619.
    <ul><li>The Main Request Application must be completed for each service location. </li><br/> <li>If multiple utility services are needed at the same location, a specific electric, gas, or lighting application must be completed for each service. For instance, if residential gas and electric service is required, the following applications must be completed:<br><br> <ul><li><a href="/sites/aue/BusinessPartners/ConstructionServices/Documents/MainRequestApplication.pdf" target = "_blank">Main Request Application</a></li> <li><a href="/sites/aue/BusinessPartners/ConstructionServices/Documents/NewResidentialInstallElectricService.pdf" target="_blank">New Residential Install Electric Service Application</a></li> <li><a href="/sites/aue/BusinessPartners/ConstructionServices/Documents/NewConversionResidentialGas.pdf" target="_blank">New Residential Install Gas Service Application</a>. </li> </ul>
    <ul><li>Site information</li><li> Billing information</li><li> Contact information</li><li> Electrical requirements and characteristics of the project</li></ul>
    <ul><li>Your service request will be assigned to an Ameren Missouri Construction Hotline Representative who will contact you about your request.</li><li> The Construction Hotline Representative will provide you with a premise number and explain the next steps for your project. The premise number is our primary mechanism for tracking the status of your project. Please refer to this number when making inquiries.</li></ul>
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