Ameren Missouri's Renewable Energy Initiatives 
Renewable energy is electric energy produced from sources that replenish themselves naturally, never run out and are cleaner for the environment. These resources include: windsunlight (solar energy); landfill and agricultural waste (biomass); and water (some low-impact and run-or-river hydroelectric facilities). Review our Renewable Compliance Report.

What We Are Doing
We are committed to exploring <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/Renewables/Pages/Whatwearedoingnav.aspx">renewable energy options</a>.
What You Can Do
From education to solar - learn ways you can <a href="/sites/aue/Environment/Renewables/Pages/RenewableCustomerParticipation.aspx">be involved</a> with renewable energy initiatives.
Solar Energy
A solar energy system has been installed at our St. Louis headquarters to help us evaluate <a href="/Solar/Pages/Home.aspx"> solar technologies</a>.
Energy Advisor
Smart Grid, Wind, Solar and more! Find answers to all of <a href="/sites/aea/Pages/Home.aspx">your energy questions</a>.
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