Hybrid Bucket Truck 
Ameren Missouri was one of the first utilities in the nation to place a hybrid truck into service and currently operates six of these throughout our service territory. The 45-foot bucket trucks are built on a 33,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rated chassis, equipped with an Eaton hybrid system. The Eaton system assists the diesel engine allowing the truck to operate on 30 to 40% less fuel than a conventional truck. The aerial device on these trucks can be powered by the batteries and electric motor as opposed to idling the diesel engine of a conventional bucket truck. The lithium batteries are recharged during breaking and whenever the diesel engine is running.

In 2011, Ameren Missouri placed five 37-foot bucket trucks equipped with Altec's new JEMS (Jobsite Energy Management System) hybrid system into service and added eight more in 2012. The hybrid system on these trucks is only utilized to power the aerial's hydraulic system and is not used to propel the vehicle. A series of batteries and other components are housed in the rear bumper area of a standard truck chassis. The hybrid batteries are recharged by plugging the truck into a standard 110-volt outlet and replenished from the vehicle's alternator when the truck is driven. Using the hybrid batteries to power the aerial device eliminates the need to keep the truck's diesel engine running at the jobsite, which reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

    The truck runs on electricity stored in lithium batteries and diesel fuel.
    The hybrid truck uses 30-50% less diesel fuel than conventional trucks.<br><br>There is approximately 50% less smog-forming emissions and less global warning gases emitted when compared to a conventional truck.
    The vehicle's gross weight is about 33,000 pounds.
    Upfront the hybrid bucket truck cost about 35% more than a similar conventional truck, but because of fuel savings, its lifecycle cost is less than or equal to that of a conventional diesel truck.
    The truck contains an advanced electric motor coupled with an efficient automated manual transmission, an energy control and management system, advanced lithium batteries and a power export system. All together these components are coupled to a conventional diesel engine.<br><br> During breaking, the hybrid-electric system recovers energy, while power is added back during launch and acceleration. These features make the truck more efficient, especially in stop-and-go driving. The hydraulic bucket can be operated for up to 1 hour with the engine off while conventional trucks must be idling to power the bucket.
    <ul><li>The truck has about the same payload capacity as conventional trucks.</li> <br> <li>It has the same body as conventional trucks but uses an extended cab.</li> <br> <li>It operates more quietly than conventional trucks and performs as well as a conventional truck.</li> <br> <li>It meets or exceeds standards for reliability, durability, maintainability and repairability.</li></ul>
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