Energy Efficiency Study 
In January 2010, Ameren Missouri published the results of a major research study aimed at understanding the potential for energy efficiency improvements in customers' homes and businesses. To understand your energy efficiency plans and future needs, we used a third-party vendor to survey more than 4,000 of our residential and commercial customers using both online and onsite surveys.

Types of survey questions asked

  • When do you use energy and how do you use it?
  • What types of equipment and/or systems do you have?
  • What types do you plan on purchasing in the future?
  • What can Ameren Missouri do to help you conserve or buy more efficient products? 

Acting now...while planning for the future

Upgrades like efficient lighting, advanced heat pumps, improved building shells, and automated control systems have the potential to reduce Ameren Missouri’s usage by 7% to 11% in 2030. By combining these measures with possible peak reducing programs, like Ameren Missouri signaling certain customers to reduce usage or charging higher rates during peak hours, the 2030 peak demand needs could be reduced by 19% to 26%.

We’ve already begun to act on these issues with our Act On Energy programs, and this research study is helping us plot our course far into the future. As part of our on-going Integrated Resource Planning, we plan to continue gathering customer information to improve the energy efficiency of homes, businesses, schools, governments, and industries - all so we can help our customers manage energy costs, enhance system reliability, and address environmental issues.

Demand Side Management (DSM) Market Potential Study
The details of the study are documented in this four-volume report:

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