Step Two - Instructions and Checklist for Customer/Installer 
Step Two is to be completed after sections A - D have been approved by Ameren Missouri and your system is installed.

Please refer to Electric Power Purchases from Qualified Net Metering Units when completing Step Two. *All Net Metering applications submitted Aug. 28, 2013 and after MUST be on the current tariff application forms (bottom right hand corner of sheets No. 171.6, 171.9-171.12 and 171.14-171.15, date effective Aug. 28, 2013).

Use the
checklist to ensure you have completed all of the information required for Step Two.

Step Two 
Submit Sections E - F, H and Supporting Information 
Please write the account number on the top right corner of the page to prevent delays in processing.

E.   Electrical Inspection (Sheets No. 171.13)
The customer's generation system has been installed: 
       If a local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) exists, then the permit number needs to be included in Section E and the inspection certification forwarded to Ameren Missouri. 
      A Missouri licensed engineer or electrician inspects the system to ensure all requirements in Section C (Step One) are satisfied.
      Licensed engineer or licensed Missouri electrician signature required.
F.   Customer - Generator Acknowledgement (Sheets No. 171.13)

Customer acknowledges obligations and compliances to the Net Metering Agreement

      Customer signature required
H.    Solar Rebate Information (only applicable to solar installations) (Sheets No. 171.14)
      Fill in the "System Installation Date" field 
Copies of Detailed Receipts/Invoices with Purchase Date Circled 
Photo(s) of Completed System 
Customer Affidavit (only applicable to solar installations of 10kW and greater)
    If the solar system is 10 kW or greater the Customer affidavit is required 

Individual Customer Affidavit 

      Business Customer Affidavit 
Customer signature and notarization required

Mail original completed Sections E - F, revised Section H, Supporting Information and Customer Affidavit (if applicable):

         General Executive, Renewables
         Ameren Energy Fuels & Services
         1901 Chouteau Ave
         MC 1450
         St. Louis, MO  63103

Bi-Directional Meter
When Ameren Missouri receives completed Sections E - F, the bi-directional meter will be scheduled for installation. You will know the bi-directional meter has been installed when you see a red sticker that reads "Warning Alternative Generation Source." You may begin operating your generation at that time.

  • A one-time charge for the bi-directional meter of $281 for a 1-phase meter or $187 for a 3-phase meter will appear on your Ameren Missouri bill in the next billing cycle.
  • Your Ameren Missouri bill will reflect net metering from the day the bi-directional meter is installed. A net metering bill uses a full page bill format. Occasionally, the first net metering bill will be postcard format if you have received postcard bills in the past. 

Bi-directional meter only records billing data. It does not record the total amount of energy produced by the renewable system.

  • Only kilowatthour (kWh) fed back to the grid and kWh delivered by Ameren Missouri will register on the bi-directional meter.
  • If system is producing power and the property is using the power simultaneously, the bi-directional meter does not record the produced or used power - essentially they cancel each other out.
  • Optional monitoring systems are available to measure all energy produced by the generation. Talk with your installer for more information on this option.

G.  Application Approval
Once completed Sections A - F have been received by Ameren Missouri and the bi-directional meter has been installed, Ameren Missouri executes Section G and sends the customer a copy of the fully executed agreement.

  • If modifications to the current system are made at any time, it is your obligation (according to the Net Metering terms) to notify Ameren MIssouri and update/re-file your Net Metering Application/Agreement.
  • If the property is sold, the new owners will need to file a Net Metering Application/Agreement with Ameren Missouri in their name.
For application questions, contact Ameren Missouri Renewables at 314.554.2649 or
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