Pure Power 
Ameren Missouri responded to the desires of its customers by offering a voluntary renewable energy program - Pure Power. Our voluntary Pure Power program makes it easy for residents and businesses to achieve the goal we all have in common: Preserve and protect the world we live in.

Ameren Missouri's Pure Power program enables electric customers to support wind farms and other renewable energy facilities in the Midwest as well as contribute to regional development.

A minimum of 75% of Pure Power’s renewable energy certificates come from wind power and up to 25% from a blend of other renewable sources. All of the renewable energy facilities supplying Pure Power are regional sources, or sources that will be developed in response to demand created through the program. At least half of the supply will be generated in Missouri and Illinois, and the rest will come from the Midwest power pool.

Learn more about Ameren Missouri's Pure Power program.

Participation in this program does not constitute the purchase of energy. Renewable energy credits which represent the environmental attributes associated with past renewable energy generation are retired on behalf of program participants. All renewable energy credits purchased under this program are Green-e certified by the independent Center for Resource Solutions.

Fun fact
The St. Louis Gateway Arch is 630 feet tall. A Suzion 2.1 MW wind turbine is 404 feet in total height-the turbine tower itself (without turbine blades) is 262 feet tall.
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