The deadline for submitting the Completion Requirements to be eligible for the $2.00 per watt solar rebate was June 30.

Update: Notifications about Ameren Missouri's solar rebate program.
Completion Requirements
Net metering (effective 12/22/2013)
  A customer who is eligible for the $2.00 per watt rebate rate because their application was submitted on or before Dec. 31, 2013, they received a written solar rebate commitment from Ameren Missouri and the system design was subsequently approved by Ameren Missouri, must meet installation and final documentation requirements by June 30, 2014, which are:
1. The customer has completed the installation of all equipment, and
2. The following items have been provided to Ameren Missouri:
- Section E has been completed and signed
- The "system Installation Date" of section H is completed
- Section F has been signed
- The local inspection authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) has approved the installation
  (if applicable)
- Copies of detailed receipts/invoices with purchase date circled
- Photo(s) of completed system
- Taxpayer Information Form must be completed and attached
- An Individual Customer Affidavit or Business Customer Affidavit has been notarized
  (only applicable for systems 10 kW or larger.)
Failure to satisfy the above requirements by June 30, 2014, will result in the customer being eligible for a solar rebate rate of $1.50 per watt instead of $2.00 per watt.
When the customer has satisfactorily completed all installation and final documentation requirements, Ameren Missouri will set the bidirectional meter. If any deficiencies are found that prevent the bidirectional meter from being installed and those deficiencies are not corrected prior to June 30, 2014, the customer will be eligible for a solar rebate rate of $1.50 per watt instead of $2.00 per watt.
The system becomes operational upon installation of the bi-directional meter and the solar rebate payment will be made within 30 days of that date.
Status of Solar Rebate Reservation Queue
At this time, Ameren Missouri's solar rebate program is fully subscribed to the $91.9 million funding level. Ameren Missouri does not anticipate making any additional funding available although solar rebate payments will not be suspended until the funding level has been fully paid.
A reservation and queue system for solar rebates has been established based on the order that applications were received. Find the latest information regarding the Solar Rebate Queue Status online.
Applications that have not received a written rebate commitment have been placed in the queue and will only receive a rebate commitment if older applications expire, are canceled or if not all projects that currently have a rebate comitment are completed by June 30, 2014.
For more detail on the solar rebate and reservation and queue system, refer to Rider SR - Solar Rebate tariff.
  Revising a net metering application (effective 2/26/2014)
There may be times when a net metering application needs to be revised. Revisions might result from clarifications requested by Ameren Missouri during the approval process or as a result of unforeseen problems that occur either with procuring the equipment specified or with physical construction constraints. Net metering and solar rebate applications can be revised to reflect changes without causing the application to be rejected and the customer losing their Qualification Date except:
- The system capacity cannot exceed the maximum allowable sizing
- The application cannot be transferred to a different developer
In cases where the capacity of the solar system increases, the rebate will be determined based on the original system capacity that was submitted.
Any changes in the net metering design will need to be submitted to and approved by Ameren Missouri. To the extent that revisions are submitted by the customer or developer after the original design as approved, please recognize that Ameren Missouri has a statutory obligation to approve ro reject new net metering applications within a certain time.

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