Your Solar System Size 
Upon receipt of a completed solar PV net metering application on an existing account, the maximum allowable name plate capacity is calculated based on your load to determine if the PV name plate capacity submitted in the application is equal to or less than the maximum allowable. If the submitted capacity is greater than your load, we will contact and advise you as to the maximum allowable nameplate capacity. The application will then be on hold until a revised application and one-line are received with a nameplate capacity within the maximum allowable capacity.
If a customer account has a single revenue meter, you can estimate your maximum allowable PV name plate capacity as follows:
Most recent 12 billing month load kWh/(8,760 hrs. X 14.4% Capacity Factor) = Maximum allowable Nameplate Capacity
           Previous 12 month load = 13,512 kWh
    Hours in a year = 8,760 hours
    PV Capacity Factor = 14.4% 
  Maximum Allowable Nameplate Capacity = 13,512/(8,760 X 0.144) = 10.712 kW
Please note, this formula should be used only as an estimate, upon receipt of the application Ameren Missouri will evaluated the account and calculate the maximum based on the most recent 12 month load. After the application design approval notification is sent to the customer, you have 1 (one) year to complete the installation and finalize the executed net metering agreement. If the installation is not competed during this period, the maximum allowable PV nameplate capacity is recalculated.
In addition to the account maximum allowable nameplate capacity limit, net metering installation agreements cannot exceed 100 kW nameplate capacity.
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