Sample of Residential Postcard Bill 
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Current meter reading. Meter reading from the previous billing cycle. Difference between the previous reading and the present reading, measured in kilowatthours. Actual or estimated reading. Rate classification. Reflects the net change in the cost of fuel to generate electricity since Ameren Missouri's last rate case. Reflects cost of all programs to help customers use energy more efficiently. Reflects the cost of certain natural gas system upgrades and improvements, and gas facility relocations due to road construction projects, since Ameren Missouri's last rate case. Displays the address where you receive utility service. Displays the period of time the bill covers. Displays the number of days between your last two meter readings and is the number of days in the present billing period. Displays date and amount of most recent payment received. Your account number. Date bill was prepared. Mail payment to this address. Billing address. Amount of all energy and non-energy charges. Date payment is due. Date your payment must be received before it is considered delinquent. Amount equal to the tax the company pays to the municipality.
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