FAQs: Payment Agreements 
If you owe a balance for past due service, you may have the opportunity to make an arrangement with Ameren Missouri and avoid disconnection of your utility service. Our online payment assistance tool provides eligible payment assistance options based on your account status.

Payment Assistance Options
  • Payment Agreement: Allows you to make fixed monthly payments along with your regular bill payment in order to pay off the past due balance. A payment may be required to activate a payment agreement. There are three types of Deferred Payment Agreements that a customer may qualify for:
      • A Non-cold Weather Rule Deferred Payment Agreement in effect from April 1 - October 31.
      • A Cold Weather Rule (CWR) Deferred Payment Agreement in effect from November 1 - March 31.
      • A Deferred Payment Agreement reinstate is available only during CWR season, November 1 - March 1. A Deferred Payment Agreement Reinstate allows you to re-activate your previous payment agreement and make monthly payments on your deferred balance. A payment may be required to reinstate the payment agreement. This option may not be available if your account has been disconnected for non-payment.
  • Short-Term Extension: Allows you to postpone payment of your account balance for one billing cycle. Certain restrictions may apply.
  • If you are currently disconnected you may be required to pay your entire past due balance to have service restored.

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