Pad-Mounted Equipment Inspection Types 
Ameren Missouri representatives will complete the inspection or equipment testing.
If they find any obstructions in the required clearance areas, they may not be able to complete the inspection or testing process. As the property owner, you may be contacted by an Ameren employee to discuss options to remove the obstruction, which will allow us to complete our inspection.
Minor vegetation, bushes and shrubs may be trimmed or removed by Ameren Missouri representatives, in order to complete the inspection, or for operating and maintenance purposes.
Ameren Missouri personnel conduct two types of inspections: 

Patrol Inspections

Completed once every four years.
Visual inspection of equipment.
Designed to identify problems or hazards.

Detailed Inspections

Completed once every eight years.
Careful examination of transformer structure.
Transformer is opened, and its condition rated and recorded.
Visual and thorough use of routine diagnostic testing, if needed. 

Note: Some vegetation, where trimming is required to complete our inspection, may be left for homeowners disposal.
For more information, call 800.552.7583.
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