• Only Ameren Missouri approved encapsulated flotation may be installed at Lake of the Ozarks. View the list of approved encapsulated flotation manufacturers. Ameren Missouri will maintain, and periodically update, a list of approved flotation manufacturers for distribution to Certified Dock Builders and interested property owners.
  • Flotation shall be made up of a flotation material and an encasement around the flotation material. The use of new or recycled plastic or metal drums for encasement or floats is prohibited.
  • Flotation material shall be extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, or a copolymer of polyethylene and polystyrene. Flotation material shall have a minimum density of 0.8 lbs./cu. ft., be of consistent quality throughout the float, beads shall be firmly fused together, and there shall be no voids inside the encasement
  • Flotation material shall have a water absorption of less than 3.0 lbs./cu. ft. at 7 days when tested by “The Hunt Absorption Test.” The float being used must be certified to meet this test either by a statement in the float manufacturer's literature or by a letter signed by the president of the float manufacturing company. Certification must also contain a statement which guarantees the minimum thickness of the encasement.
  • The encasement shall be solid polyethylene or a polyurethane type coating, both of which shall be watertight and have a minimum thickness of 0.125 inches. All floats shall be warranted for a minimum of eight years against sinking, becoming waterlogged, cracking, peeling, fragmenting, and losing beads and shall not be subject to damage by animals.

    A copy of the manufacturer's warranty shall be included with the certification of water absorption and encasement thickness. Existing floats that become inadequate to carry the existing design loads, shall be replaced with totally encapsulated floats meeting these new requirements, and outlined on the Ameren Missouri approved flotation list.

    If floats furnished under this new specification become punctured exposing the foam to erosion or deterioration, they shall be replaced immediately.
  • Ameren Missouri reserves the right to field-test any float to assure compliance with these float requirements. All flotation manufacturers are subject to annual and random testing. Floats will be tested by an independent testing source at the manufacturer’s cost.
  • A float manufacturer that believes it has floats equal to, or superior to floats meeting Ameren Missouri’s specifications, may submit sample floats and documentation and reasoning for waiving Ameren Missouri’s specification. Ameren Missouri may require the float to be tested by an independent testing company at the manufacturer’s cost.

Flotation Attachments
  • Flotation shall be positively attached by the dock builder with 3/8 inch minimum diameter plated bolts, 0.120 inch minimum thickness fender washers and lock nut, to prevent the flotation from coming loose, and yet be attached in such a manner the flotation can be easily replaced if necessary. Puncturing the encasement for attaching is unacceptable without specific approval from Ameren Missouri.
  • Outside J bolts are prohibited.
  • All floats must be attached in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
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