Ameren Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Compliance Postings

Ameren and other U.S. energy companies must comply with FERC rules requiring independent functioning between the provider’s transmission function employees and its marketing function employees. Also, transmission function employees may not disclose non-public transmission information to the transmission provider’s marketing function employee. These rules are referred to as the Standards of Conduct.

The Standards of Conduct require Ameren to post certain information on its corporate website and/or OASIS site. Ameren’s OASIS site is maintained by the Midcontinent ISO and can be found at The OASIS site may include other information related to transmission service that may not be found on this site.

Standards of Conduct Postings


Other Public Posting Information

Please contact Ameren’s Chief Compliance Officer if you have any questions:

            Joseph M. Power
    Ameren Services Company
            1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 550S
            Washington, DC 20004
            Phone: 202.783.7604

The high-voltage transmission facilities of Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri are part of the Midcontinent ISO ("MISO") Regional Reliability Area. MISO is the tariff administrator for all transmission owners within the MISO control area and provides all transmission service. For transmission related services please refer to the MISO website
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