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Elevate Energy

Advanced meters are a part of the smart grid and Ameren Illinois’ overall energy delivery upgrades and improvements. Over time, all of these upgrades and new technologies will work together to provide consumers with more reliable service and new opportunities and options to better manage their energy usage and costs.

As these technologies continue to advance, advanced meters will provide detailed energy usage information and will make it easier for customers to take an active role in controlling their energy usage. We’re very excited about the evolution of creative pricing program options such as Peak Time Rebate that will help customers save money and save energy.

Patrick Weaver
Director, Regional Energy Programs at Elevate Energy

Energy Foundry

Energy drives everything we do. By making continuous improvements to the electric delivery system, and making the grid smarter, energy will more efficiently reach customers and businesses, allowing them to take advantage of the many benefits of the advanced meter technology.

Customers will be able to benefit with improved service reliability and access to better information they can use to take control of their energy usage and costs. Ameren Illinois’ plan is exactly what is needed to progressively move Illinois’ energy infrastructure forward to the 21st century.

Bryan Halloy
Energy Foundry

Brian Sauder

Faith in Place

Our partner faith communities across Illinois share a common vision of caring for the Earth. Ameren Illinois’ work to improve the electric delivery system in Illinois is vital and necessary. Over time, new technologies and upgrades will enable members of our partner faith communities – and consumers across central and southern Illinois – to take a more active role in reducing their energy consumption. By conserving energy, we create healthier communities and protect the land, water and air that we all share. 

Rev. Brian Sauder
Executive Director, Faith in Place

Michael Carrigan

Illinois AFL-CIO

Ameren Illinois’ aggressive plan to upgrade Illinois’ aging energy delivery infrastructure is working. Together we’re creating much-needed jobs across central and southern Illinois and customers are experiencing improved reliability.

As our skilled workforce continues to deploy new technology across Ameren Illinois’ 42,700 square-mile system - from advanced meters to smart switches and sensors - customers will benefit over time with new options and ways to control their energy usage and costs.

Michael T. Carrigan
President, Illinois AFL-CIO

Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF)

Together with Ameren Illinois, ISEIF, Elevate Energy, Citizens Utility Board, Faith in Place and Illinois Green Economy Network have forged creative partnerships within communities throughout southern and central Illinois to deliver educational workshops and events that will teach customers about the innovative customer tools, programs and incentives that advanced meters will bring over time, including more convenient avenues to view their own energy usage information.

Clare Butterfield
Program Director, Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF)

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