Alerts to Use with the Smart Meter

When you have a smart meter, you can register to receive three specific types of alerts: weekly cost summarycost threshold and usage threshold.

You can opt in for an alert to be delivered as an email or text. It's a convenient way to keep informed! Learn more about Alerts.

You can register for alerts now. Just review which alerts you would like to receive - and how you would like to receive them - by indicating your preferences. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted for your UserID and Password. 

Manage Your Energy with Alerts

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More About These Alerts

weekly cost summary

  Weekly Cost Summary

You'll receive a weekly notification on your bill estimate based on usage for the current billing cycle. This alert includes cost-to-date and month-end bill estimates.
cost threshold

  Cost Threshold

You determine a threshold cost when setting up this alert. You'll then receive a notification when the cost-to-date exceeds the threshold.
usage threshold

  Usage Threshold

Interested in your usage? Set up a usage threshold alert and receive a notification when the usage-to-date exceeds the threshold.
Message and data rates may apply. For more information, see terms and conditions.

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