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Sniffy the Sniffasaurus 
Energy is a critical part of the future of our planet. Below are some of the school programs we can provide to help students better understand energy and its role in our future.
Kid Power

It’s never too early to start learning about energy: what it is, why it’s important, how to use it, even what careers are available in the energy industry. That’s why Ameren Illinois is actively involved with schools throughout our 44,000-square-mile territory - to give the next generation a head start on smart energy consumption and conservation.

Safety Lessons for Kids
AmerenIllinois.com/EnergySmartKids is a website that presents energy safety as a lesson that can last a lifetime! Our fun, kid-friendly website teaches young people, and their parents, about the hazards of electricity and natural gas. Kids will enjoy the videos and interactive games - while teachers can take advantage of free educational resources on energy safety.

My Safe City
All around us electricity powers our world. To help people of all ages recognize potential dangers of electricity, "My Safe City" presentations are given by Ameren Illinois employees. A 35-45 minute presentation begins with a brief video on how power gets from the power plant to your home. Then using real-life situations with a model of an energized city, the presenter demonstrates the dangers of coming into contact with energized power lines. Scenarios include: child flying a kite, child climbing a tree, backhoe digging into the ground and more activities with ladders, antennas and poles. The presentation is geared to K-6th graders but can be modified for older audiences. You will learn the answer to "Why can birds perch on power lines and not get shocked?" To schedule a presentation, email speakersbureau@ameren.com.

Meet our Mascots
You can request a visit from Louie the Lightning Bug and Sniffy the Sniffasaurus

Louie the Lightning Bug, an Ameren Illinois safety mascot, is ready to share his important messages about electrical safety anywhere kids may be.  Louie the Lightning Bug is a registered trademark of Moore Syndication.

Sniffy the Sniffasaurus, an Ameren Illinois safety mascot, is available to share his top priority messages about natural gas safety. Sniffy likes to meet kids in the classroom or anywhere they might be.  Sniffy the Sniffasaurus is a registered trademark of Moore Syndication.
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