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Partnering with Local Zoos to Feed the Animals

Ameren Illinois is partnering with local zoos to ensure excess branches from freshly trimmed trees and shrubs - also known as browse - are put to good use. 

Ameren Illinois takes portions of the browse from in and around the zoos and makes “browse deliveries”. The pace and timing of deliveries will be based on seasonality and demand.

Browse with buds and leaves (green waste) are preferred, but there are also some animals - such as camels - who enjoy stripping the bark off of branches.

In addition to eating the browse, the zoo can use larger branches to enhance zoo exhibits, such as additional perches for birds or more climbing structures for the monkeys. This helps the animals get more physical activity and experience a more natural habitat.

While most zoos cannot accept browse donations from the general public, the zoos and Ameren Illinois have created a strict browse handling protocol that allows the zoo to accept Ameren browse from the following species of trees: Elm, Alder, Honey Locust, Hackberry, Mulberry, Ash, and Bamboo. In addition to browse, the zoos also accept habitat logs for use in other areas. Extra mulch can also be used to enhance visitor areas. 

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Wood Chips

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Why We Trim Trees

Trimming trees and managing right-of-way vegetation can prevent many - but not all - outages that are caused when trees adjoining Ameren’s easements fall onto power lines.

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