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Energy Efficiency Internships



Developing the Energy Efficiency Market

The Market Development Initiative was introduced in 2018 to strengthen the local energy efficiency economy by providing resources, support and solutions to residential and business customers throughout our communities in central and southern Illinois. By partnering with community-based organizations to identify needs and opportunities, Ameren Illinois has been able to create and execute energy efficiency programs that benefit all customers.


Over time, the Market Development Initiative aims to:

  • Provide job training in energy efficiency
  • Sponsor internship programs at local energy efficiency businesses
  • Establish new jobs with local energy efficiency businesses
  • Facilitate energy efficiency workshops
  • Expand income rebate program eligibility, and more


Creating Opportunity Through Education

The Market Development Initiative has made an immediate impact by supporting internships at community organizations across Illinois. Thanks to partner organizations like the Springfield NAACP, Neighborhood House Peoria, Meyer Climate Control, and others, we have together been able to provide job training to 15 interns, preparing a new generation of workers for careers in the growing energy efficiency field.

Key Points of this Program

Ameren Illinois is helping local companies and organizations in the energy efficiency field identify potential candidates that would benefit from serving in a summer internship program. Through these partnerships with local professional organizations, interns will learn about employment opportunities related to energy efficiency, receive mentorship from professionals in the industry, and learn skills relevant to obtaining a full-time position in energy efficiency.
Ameren Illinois has identified businesses and organizations that support the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency portfolio of programs to participate in this program. These businesses offer technical, community outreach and engagement, policy, program administration, and other services related to delivering energy efficiency offers to Ameren Illinois customers.
The program anticipates providing internships to 10 to 15 candidates.
Internships are offered for 10-12 weeks, in the months of May through August.
Selected interns will work full-time during the internship period, and no less than 30 hours per week.
The internships are paid positions, commensurate with experience and the responsibilities of the position.
Internships are being offered throughout Central and Southern Illinois, specifically within the Ameren Illinois service territory.

We are seeking high school upperclassmen or college undergraduate students to participate in this program. Graduate and non-traditional students are also encouraged to apply for the internship.

Interested participants must be eligible to work in the United States, complete a job application, and commit to actively participating in the internship program full-time, as required for the position, for the entire duration of the position.

Internships will be granted, as available, to candidates who demonstrate a strong work ethic, commitment to the position, and a willingness to learn about working in the energy efficiency field.

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