Real-Time Pricing for Residential Customers

As an added alternative for electric supply, Ameren Illinois offers real-time pricing options that allow all customers access to variable hourly prices for power.
Power Smart Pricing
Residential customers can choose to sign up for Power Smart Pricing (PSP), a user friendly supplement to our standard real-time pricing program that provides additional services to help them get the best possible value from this rate option. Learn more about Power Smart Pricing.

Ameren Illinois does not profit from electric supply charges, including those for real-time pricing. We pass along the price we pay for electricity to our customers, dollar for dollar.
Regardless of your choice for electric supply, Ameren Illinois will remain your delivery company and will continue to respond to service calls, outages and emergencies, and issue your monthly bill.
For specific details, see the tariffs related to Rider RTP and Rider PSP in the Rates section of our website.
Standard RTP

Real-time prices fluctuate based on market supply and demand. Generally speaking, market prices are highest during times of peak demand (between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily and during the summer months of June through September). Customers can use the price signals available through RTP to guide their energy use and potentially save money when compared to the standard rate. RTP customers are encouraged to check day-ahead prices
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